Luxury Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

If you are looking for a kitchen remodeler that can put an elegant spin on your private kitchen, look no further than the experienced professionals at KBR Builders Inc. Over the years, we have ascended the ranks of our competitive field to become the most celebrated remodelers in the region.

When you want to make a fruitful investment in your kitchen, we are the high-end luxury kitchen remodeling contractors to work with. We source the best countertops, flooring materials, and everything else that comes to mind.

After seeing us in action, our name will be synonymous with refinement. Give yourself the luxury kitchen you've always wanted by calling (732) 664-2557 at your convenience.

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High-End Kitchen Design

At our construction and remodeling firm, we believe that the kitchen should never be overlooked. With how much time families spend in the kitchen, it only makes sense that it should complement the rest of the home. Our countless clients agree with us on this matter, too.

When you want your kitchen to look as luxurious as the rest of your home—or to outshine the rest of the household—we are the ones to call. We remodel kitchens with your tastes in mind, and we never cut corners to get first-class results.

Customized Cabinets

Do you want semi-stock kitchen cabinets for your kitchen? Or cabinets with solid wood doors and drawers that suit your needs perfectly? With us, the choice is yours.


Are you looking to add quartz countertops to your kitchen? Do you want to see if granite is available? Let us be the ones to source these countertops for you. We will install them too, of course.

Lighting and Electrical

Do you want to add a chandelier to your dining room area? We can source and install fixtures such as these. We can even wire your kitchen for eco-friendly and attractive recessed light fixtures, too. Between our team and our reputable electrical subcontractors, we can do anything.

Would you like to learn more about our remodeling services? Contact our offices at your leisure. No project is too big or too small. We are always eager to help another client bring their kitchen to new luxurious heights.

Experienced Luxury Kitchen Remodelers

We bring more than the best carpenters, designers, remodeling contractors, and subcontractors to the job. We also bring years of unrivaled professional experience. Our wealth of expertise ensures that we will sidestep common remodeling problems, avoid work delays, and so much more.

We are the ones to work with when you want stunning results in a respectable time frame. With professionals like us overseeing all stages of the process, how can you go wrong?