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Located in Allenwood serving Wall Township, Belmar, Sea Girt, and surrounding areas.

We also serve Monmouth, Ocean County and Middlesex areas of New Jersey

KBR Builders Inc

With professional experience comes professional wisdom. The wiser the contractor, the easier it is for them to bring complex projects to life. With over three decades of professional experience to our name, the high-end residential contractors at KBR Builders Inc are here to take your dreams of a picture-perfect kitchen and make them a reality.

Whether you are looking to trade in your lackluster countertops for something more luxurious, or you want to remodel the basement, we can help you.

Are you eager to get started on your remodeling project? You can reach our designers and builders by calling (732) 664-2557 at your convenience.

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Helping You Live Luxuriously

We are not your conventional home remodeling contractors. We try to do more than simply restore a home to its former glory. More than that, we aim to elevate a kitchen, basement, or an entire household. We breathe new life into properties using only the finest remodeling methods and the most luxurious building materials.

Customize Your Kitchen

Everyone wants a kitchen that suits their day-to-day lives. They want a practical amount of counter space and enough cabinets to store utensils and cookware. Is that all there is to a kitchen, though? What about the look and feel of the kitchen?

Our residential remodeling contractors think you deserve more than the bare minimum. We think you should be able to customize your kitchen to your exact specifications. From the quality of the light fixtures to the depths of the countertops and the cabinet designs, we let you customize it all.

KBR Builders Inc is the leading residential contractor serving the local area. Renowned for our skill and expertise, we’ve proved ourselves a trusted name and a stellar service provider, delivering on-time results that meet the highest industry standards. Combining tailored design with quality craftsmanship, we provide personalized solutions to all your remodeling, renovating, and construction needs. Timely, dependable, professional—consider us the go-to choice.

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Located in Allenwood serving Wall Township, Belmar, Sea Girt, and surrounding areas.

We also serve Monmouth, Ocean County and Middlesex areas of New Jersey

Your Trusted Local Remodeler

KBR Builders Inc is a name that is well known in Monmouth and Ocean County, New Jersey. We’ve been beautifying and improving area homes and commercial properties for over 30 years. While many home improvement and remodeling companies have come and gone, KBR Builders Inc has remained and grown. We’re raising the bar for remodelers near and far—and we’re bringing you with us.

We offer prompt, professional services and give our customers the best products, installed by the best crew in the area. Our commitment to quality is matched only by our commitment to customer satisfaction. Rest assured: With us, you have a remodeler you can trust.

Built to Last

It isn't enough to have a kitchen or basement that looks nice today. You deserve to have a home that looks wonderful for years-even decades to come. How do we go about giving you those lasting results? By relying on the latest building materials while still embracing the time-honored construction methods of our industry, we provide results that endure through the years.

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Before Remodel

Our work is guaranteed to last, perform, and endure. We stand by our work, adhering to rigorous quality control standards to ensure it meets the highest industry standards. We will do the work fast. But we’ll also do it right.

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After Remodel

We have been beautifying and improving area homes and commercial properties. Countless homeowners and property owners have benefited from our keen eye and meticulous attention to detail. With robust building solutions tailored to your needs, we are your best bet for jaw-dropping, eye-pleasing remodeling services.

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There is nothing more luxurious than extra space to accommodate guests, entertain friends, or do whatever you wish. Whether you want to build a home addition above your two-car garage or build upon an existing sunroom, we can most certainly help you. Home additions are our specialty. After we have completed our work, you will find yourself wondering why you didn’t call us sooner.

Add more space to your home or convert that unused garage into premium living space. Whether you’re looking to extend your home or build a secondary suite, we have you covered with comprehensive construction solutions.


Sometimes the kitchen you loved ten years ago just isn’t the kitchen you love today. Thankfully, our kitchen remodelers are just a phone call away. We can take your old, once-beloved kitchen and transform it into a space that suits your daily needs while also conforming to the latest design trends.

Today’s kitchens are practically like living rooms and are, at times, a main entertaining area. KBR Builders Inc offers a masterful range of remodeling solutions to get you the most out of the heart of your home. Our remodels not only improve your kitchen’s appearance, but also, its form and function.


We want to give you a bathroom that gives you what you need. You need enough space for your morning routines, adequate ventilation, as well as an attractive layout. Rest assured, we have the skillsets needed to give you a bathroom that you will never want to leave.

A remodeled bathroom will surely provide increased enjoyment of your home, and it is among the highest return on investment. Enjoy a spa-like experience in the comfort of your home. Get the bath-shower combo you’ve always wanted. Treat yourself—and discover all we can do to give you the bathroom of your dreams.


We do more than just remodel the inside of the home. We also offer exterior home remodeling services. Let us turn your high-maintenance painting nightmare into a maintenance-free, long-lasting dream.


By replacing your home windows, you can save monthly on your heating and cooling costs, and add curb appeal with an improved visual appearance.

For Local Remodeling, Choose KBR Builders Inc

With years of experience and a commitment to our craft, we are your top choice for local remodeling services. Countless clients have come to appreciate our master craftsmanship, client-focused approach, and tailored options. We’re confident you will, too, once you experience them for yourself.

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We use and recommend name brand products that, like us, have a reputation for quality.