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With over twenty-five years of experience to our name, KBR Builders Inc is the preferred design-build firm of choice for families looking to construct or remodel their homes. We boast a full suite of construction and remodeling services, and we are eager to bring your concepts to life.

Schedule a no-obligation consultation with our design-build firm now. Our phone number is (732) 664-2557 and we cannot wait to hear from you.

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Full-Service Builders

Most home remodeling and custom home building projects are not small weekend jobs. Depending on the nature of the work involved, some remodeling projects can take upward of a few months to be completed. The reason is simple: good work takes time. When you want custom results, you need to work with professionals that know how to take your unrealized concepts and turn them into actionable plans.

Families and individuals in our region know to contact us when they need comprehensive service. While other companies might only employ designers and architects or contractors and laborers, our in-house team showcases all of these skills and more. From concept creation to construction, we can do it all.

Building Homes and Serving Clients

Our clients come to us because they have seen examples of our work throughout the community—but they recommend us to their friends and neighbors for another reason. We’ve earned the approval of families and individuals in the region by offering nothing less than the best customer service possible.

Design-build companies like ours aren’t just contractors for hire. Our job sees us working closely with our clients for days, weeks, and even months on end. We wouldn’t be where we are today without putting our clients first. Look to us when you want up-front quotes, in-depth consultations, and more. Our helpful team is here for you.

In-House Designers

Many of our clients spend months—or even years—daydreaming about renovating their kitchen or building a brand new home. By the time they contact us, they have all sorts of elaborate ideas they want to bring to life. The only problem is that they are not sure how to execute these ideas.

That isn’t a problem when our in-house design team is by your side. With nearly three decades of experience to our name, we know how to take rough or wildly intricate ideas and translate them into vivid design schemes. From the blueprints to the floor plans and virtual walk-throughs, our designers do it all.

Would you like to learn more about our design-build services? Do you want to get started on the design process immediately? Whatever the case, we invite you to contact us. Every successful project begins with one single phone call.

Floor to Ceiling Building Services

We are full-service custom home builders and remodelers. When the time comes to construct your home, you won’t have to seek out numerous subcontractors and additional tradespersons. Our in-house team has all the skills needed to complete your renovations or construction project—and that is a promise.

Laying the Home Foundation

The foundation of a new construction site serves several highly important functions. Most importantly, the foundation bears the load of a building. It is the sturdy ground on which the entire home is built. Without this load-bearing foundation, your home might be liable to topple over or sink into the ground.

The foundation acts as an anchor system, protecting the property from natural forces such as earthquakes. Every foundation comes in handy whenever a rainstorm arrives, too. Erosion and ground moisture are no match for a well-built foundation.

Needless to say, the significance of the foundation structure cannot be overstated. As many have come to learn, we are some of the most efficient and hardworking foundation experts in the construction industry. Whether you want a full basement, a crawl space, or a concrete slab home foundation, we will be able to help you. When it comes to home foundations, we truly do it all.

Quick Turnarounds on Foundation Builds

Depending on the type of foundation you would like us to construct, we can complete this stage of the project in as little time as two weeks. You won’t have to worry about understaffing, material shortages, or other issues that lead to construction delays. Our tireless commitment to planning ensures that we’ll stay on schedule every step of the way.

Framing Services

Framing begins after the foundation has been built. After that, it never takes long for the new home to take shape. Proper framing ensures all the beams and joists throughout the house remain sturdy and don’t shift throughout the years. Without a properly built frame, installing drywall is quite a challenge, and even the installation of doors and windows will prove challenging, too.

Let us oversee the framing process. From the initial stages to the installation of the home’s insulation and beyond, we promise nothing short of the most exceptional service.

Carpentry and More

There is more to a home than the structural frame and the walls. There are stairs that must be built, floorboards that must be cut and installed according to building plans, and kitchens that need countertops, cabinets, and more. These aren’t jobs for unskilled laborers or ambitious amateurs. Many agree that this is the sort of work best left to certified and experienced carpenters.

Some of the work our carpenters carry out on a regular basis includes:

  • Trim carpentry
  • Cabinetmaking services
  • Roof installations
  • Windows, baseboards, and more
  • Stair and railing construction
  • Flooring services
  • And more

Employing the Finest Construction Subcontractors

Renovation and construction projects sometimes require the expertise of certified plumbers and electricians. They might need to conduct a rough-in or do some heavy rewiring after some appliances have been moved around the kitchen. In times such as those, we don’t just look to any regular tradespersons. We only work with the most reputable electricians and plumbers in the region, ensuring you get the electrical and plumbing work you deserve.

We only invite professionals to assist us in the construction and renovation processes. If they meet our expectations, they will surely meet yours, too.

Design-Build: A Convenient Choice

When you’re picturing your dream home, it’s a good plan to picture your dream construction team as well. What qualities they have? You’ll need a reliable and trustworthy contractor, as well as a creative and knowledgeable architect. Your builders will be thorough on site so that you don’t feel any concern about the final results. When you move in, your home will last for years.

With a design-build approach, you can have all this and more! At KBR Builders Inc, our team really is a team. Every person involved knows everyone else. They’ve worked together before to create many successful homes. Why not make yours their next?

Choosing a Design-Builder

Design-build can be a double-edged sword. While it’s beneficial to have one company manage every aspect of your build with a tried and true team, sometimes this company is not as reliable as they may say. At KBR Builders Inc we provide honesty and experience. When you hire us you will see our many beneficial key traits that you should look for in any design-build company.

  • Partnership – We’ll be managing your entire move so perfect partnership is our promise to you. We’ll always listen to your suggestions and inquiries and together figure out the best way to make your dream a reality.
  • Flexibility – Lack of flexibility is the first sign of a bad design-build team. In fact, even if you’re not working in design-build, your contractor and architect should be flexible to your terms – we are after all building your home!
  • References – With many successful builds under our collective belts, we’ve got the references to prove it. You’re welcome to contact our past clients to be assured of our abilities.
  • Portfolio – You can also get informed about our past work by looking at our portfolio. It’s a great sort of inspiration as well!
  • Communication – Like with any relationship, communication is key. Any good design-build company will offer regular progress reports and be available to answer inquiries you have as they arise.

What is the Design-Build Process?

After you’ve selected your design-builder, we will begin pre-construction assessments. We will help you to determine your budget, vision and general scope of your project.

Next, architectural design will begin. This is one of the most exciting parts of a building project since you’ll start seeing your ideas come to life.

Once your architect and builder have worked extensively with you to design your home on paper, they’ll take to your property to begin actual construction.

Upon completion, you will be walked through your new property and once an inspection is complete, you’ll be able to move in!

Don’t Delay – Call Today!

The home building process can take six months or longer to complete, with factors such as weather and the ordering of certain supplies putting a construction team at its mercy. Don’t hesitate, we know you’re excited about beginning the design and construction of your dream home. Call KBR Builders Inc today and we’ll show you just how fun the process can be!