Remodeling a home is all about taking the house you have and turning it into the home you want. This may sound great—who hasn’t fantasized about their dream home? However, when it comes to making dreams into reality, figuring out what you want isn’t as easy as it sounds. With so many options available to you, it can be difficult to make all the decisions that go into creating a luxury kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom.

Let the luxury home remodelers at KBR Builders Inc help you. Our experience in premium home remodeling allows us to show you what’s possible and help you visualize your project. Here are some contemporary ideas and tips to consider for your upcoming home remodel.

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Home Remodeling Ideas for 2022

Everyone’s relationship with their home has undergone significant changes in the last few years. We’ve all undergone some changes these last years, and it only makes sense that our homes should undergo some changes, too. We spend more time at home, and some of us even work from home. Wouldn’t it be nice if that home suited your needs perfectly?

Let us be the ones to bring you up to speed on the latest and most practical renovation ideas for your much-loved home.

Give Yourself a Home Office

Did you transition to a work-from-home lifestyle, or do you spend a lot of time answering important e-mails on evenings and weekends? With your busy work and home life, you might greatly benefit from taking that unused guest bedroom and turning it into a home office. Built-in shelving, new light fixtures, and adequate space for a desk can go a long way. Workdays will feel a little more bearable—and the value of your home will only increase.

Customize the Kitchen

It’s hard to find a kitchen that suits your day-to-day life perfectly. Thankfully, you can always renovate, remodel, and reinvent the kitchen you have to create the ideal cooking space for you and your family.

Do you wish you had more countertop space? Consider replacing your existing counters with something broader and more spacious. Or install an attractive island in your kitchen area to break up the room and add variety. Islands are a great way to add extra cooking and sitting space to your kitchen. Adding an island or redoing the counters also gives you the opportunity to choose a durable and attractive material to add luxury and specialization to your kitchen.

Professional remodeling contractors like KBR Builders Inc can do a lot to reinvent a kitchen. We can remove partitions and turn your separate kitchen and dining areas into one flowing, open-concept space. We can also enhance your windows to let in light and make your kitchen glow or update your flooring to something without any stains or marks.

Elevate the Outdoors

Many homeowners forget that the backyard and front lawn are as much a part of their property as the home itself. The backyard isn’t just a place for your small garden shed or the children’s toys—your backyard can be a place for dining, lounging, entertaining guests, or relaxing in solitude.

Do you want to turn your backyard area into an extension of your indoor home? Add a deck or patio to the property. Trusted luxury remodelers like our contractors don’t just add a square space at the back of your property but can give you the deck or patio you’ve always wanted.

Build a Home Addition

Your home might have felt spacious a decade ago, but if you’ve welcomed new family members into the household—or simply acquired a taste for extra space—your home might not feel as comfortable as it used to. When they feel this way, many homeowners make the decision to build a home addition somewhere on their property.

What would your home addition look like? Do you want to add an adjoining guest room to the side of your house? Would you like to build a guesthouse above your two-car garage? The possibilities are endless when it comes to home additions. Your addition can be a small apartment, an entryway, a workshop—whatever you wish.

Your house addition can be as lavish or stripped-down as you wish. Proactive remodelers will ask you questions about your preferred type of insulation for the addition, your preferred style of roofing, and more.

Breathe New Life into the Bathroom

Most people’s bathrooms are bound to be a little cozy, but that doesn’t mean they have to feel cramped. An excellent remodeler can look at a bathroom with minimal space and find exciting ways to make the room feel twice as large.

Do your kneecaps hit the sink or the tub when you sit down? Does your bathroom door swing into the bathroom when you open it? Do you wish you had more storage space for towels? Incorporate some space-saving storage solutions into your bathroom.

Adding a skylight to the bathroom is one great way to elevate the space. Skylights are a source of natural light, and they can make any small room feel a little less claustrophobic. Adding a skylight to your bathroom is the kind of innovative detail that can add a great deal of value to your home.

Storage Solutions Galore

Do you wish your family home had more shelving, cupboards, or cabinets? Are you tired of stacking your books, DVDs, and BluRay discs on the coffee table and the overstuffed modular bookcase in the living room? Incorporate shelving and storage into your new home remodeling plan.

Would you like to install floating shelves in the bedrooms of your home or mid-century-style bookcases throughout the living room? These are just a few of the attractive storage options within your reach. Shelving can even function as a partition between rooms. These sorts of long shelves give rooms a sense of completeness without sacrificing an inch of square footage.

Space should always be taken into consideration when remodeling your home. Why introduce new features and concepts that will only make your home feel more cramped? The best remodelers always carry out their work with form and function in mind.

Remodel Your Home Today

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